General Dentistry for Wayzata

Let’s work together to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

You only have one smile – make it count!

Taking good care of your teeth will keep them beautiful, happy, and in place for decades. As one of the caring Wayzata dentists, Dr. Bjorklund offers quality, compassionate general dentistry, which will:

  • Maintain a healthier you – your oral health and overall health are directly correlated. Studies have indicated periodontal (gum) disease increases your chances to a heart attack, diabetes, preterm labor, and much more.
  • Protect your smile and wallet – Poor oral health can lead to future and complicated dental procedures. With proper dental care, we can stop the dental diseases before it becomes serious.
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Want to keep your smile healthy?

Check out our brushing and flossing tips!


‘‘I am so thankful to have such an understanding and professional dentist. He and his staff continue to ease my anxiety about visits to the dentist and all of the childhood trauma that comes pouring out. Thank you Dr.Bjorklund!’’

– Lynn V., Actual Patient

Dr. Bjorklund is an excellent dentist in Wayzata especially among the following services:

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We cannot emphasize enough the value of proactive daily hygiene, but we will always do this in a warm and encouraging manner. Our friendly staff will make you feel welcome and part of the team while you receive excellent dental care and see the value of keeping your teeth in the best shape.

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Non-Metal Fillings

Metal fillings can do more damage to your tooth than good, which is why we offer only non-metal fillings. After the decay has been removed from a tooth, the non-metal fillings are bonded directly to teeth, preserving natural structure and mimicking the natural strength and anatomy of your tooth.

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Laser Dentistry

Dr. Bjorklund’s advanced laser dentistry allows him to treat periodontal disease sooner – many times before the problem can worsen or require more invasive treatment. With the precision and sterilization of the gums, the harmful bacteria responsible for periodontal disease are eradicated faster for the most preventative dental care.


Let’s Work Together To Keep Your Smile Healthy