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‘‘Everyone is so professional and courteous. Dr. Bjorklund is calm, confident, and utterly competent, putting you at ease. I got my boyfriend, who was terrified of the dentist, to go in for a cleaning. Not only was he HAPPY afterward, he went in to get more work done. He said it went so well, that he's looking forward to the rest of his procedures! Many thanks to the ladies and Dr. B!’’

Stephanie S., Actual Patient

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An actual patient before & after case study of our Wayzata Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Bjorklund

Can we fill in spaces?


An actual patient of Dr. Bjorklund shows before & after her teeth were straightened in under a month.

Can we straighten teeth in 14 to 21 days?

Oh, yes. We can do that.

A real patient of Bjroklund Dental Designs shows her smile before and after treatment

Can we take an ok smile and make it great?

Well, yeah.

An actual patient shows his smile before and after treatment with our Wayzata cosmetic dentist Dr. Bjorklund.

Can we make a bad smile look good?

Sure looks like it!

A woman shows her smile before and after her cosmetic dental treatment with Dr. Bjorklund in Wayzata.

Can we take an ok smile and make it great? Hey, didn’t someone already ask that question?

The answer is still YES!


Can we treat the functional and cosmetic issues associated with the many different types of eating disorders?

Yes, we can but we have decided to protect the privacy of those patients and not post any pictures on our website. You’ll have to come to Wayzata to see for yourself.

A closeup of an actual CEREC patient of Dr. Bjorklund.
A closeup of an actual CEREC case study before and after treatment with Bjorklund Dental Designs.

Can we really do a CEREC® crown in 90 minutes or less?

Well, yes and no. The photos on top are from 2006 and that CEREC® took 90 minutes. The photos on the bottom are from February 2015 and 2 CEREC® crowns were done in 90 minutes.

A full mouth makeover before and after treatment at our Wayzata dental practice.

Can we really do a full mouth makeover to make things look great AND get rid of your headaches?

Sure can. Learned that at The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.


Are you ready for your smile makeover?