Why You Should Choose Professional Teeth Whitening near Minneapolis

A woman getting Teeth Whitening in the Minneapolis area

Teeth Whitening in the Minneapolis area Your smile speaks volumes about who you are and creates an immediate, subconscious reaction from those you meet. Professional teeth whitening by Minneapolis area dentist Dr. Bjorklund can ensure that your teeth represent you with the best your smile has to offer.

There are several reasons why teeth darken and appear yellowed. Some of them are age, genetics, smoking, antibiotics and various foods. These factors can detrimentally affect how you view yourself along with the way you’re perceived by others. That’s where professional teeth whitening can change everything.

In comparison to over-the-counter teeth whitening systems, professional teeth whitening is much safer and provides much more effective results. Your teeth whitening is supervised by Dr. Bjorklund, and the mouth trays and whitening solutions are chosen according to the specific desires and needs of your smile.

At Bjorklund Dental Designs, we provide both in-office whitening services along with take-home teeth whitening kits. In-office teeth whitening is the most effective and provides dramatic brightening in as little as a single visit. With take-home teeth whitening, you use professional gels with higher concentrations of the whitening agent than are available over the counter. It also includes custom-fitted trays, enabling the most predictable, comfortable results possible in the comfort of your home.

Still have questions or concerns about teeth whitening? Contact us today and we’ll gladly help you understand the process and put your mind at ease. We’re sure you’ll agree that our professional teeth whitening for the Minneapolis area is an effective, economical way for your smile to continue speaking positively about you.

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