Why Replace Annoying Dentures With Wayzata Dental Implants?

A diagram showing how implant dentures work

A diagram showing how implant dentures workWhen it comes to replacing missing teeth in Wayzata, dental implants offer a complete solution that benefits the health and functionality of virtually any smile. For patients who use dentures as their current replacement for missing teeth, but feel they are a nuisance, dental implants may be the perfect option!

Dental implants are the most direct replacement for natural teeth. First, a skilled oral surgeon will place an implant screw directly into the jawbone, providing a sturdy foundation for your new tooth “root” and a sound environment that will aid in the stability of the jawbone. Once the implant screw and jawbone have fully fused, a crown made of ceramic porcelain will be placed on top of the implant. The result is a naturally beautiful looking set of new teeth that efficiently mimic the teeth you were born with.

Dentists and patients are choosing to replace their dentures with Wayzata dental implants because:

  • They preserve the health of bone structure in the jaw
  • Slipping and sliding of dentures can be avoided, saving the embarrassment of slurred speech or clicking noises when speaking
  • They are easier to clean, requiring only the typical brushing and flossing, and regular dental checkups– no special cleaners or soaking needed!
  • Strong, durable foundation and materials give the ability to eat whatever you want
  • Dental implants look as natural as real teeth

If your dentures are becoming an annoyance, dental implants may be an option! Speak with Dr. Bjorklund, dentist for Wayzata, about dental implants. Call to schedule your consultation!


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