When Does Having A Piece of Pie Make You a Good Citizen? When You Live In Wayzata!

Bar and Grill
Wayzata dental The Muni.

The Muni

Since 1947 the Wayzata Bar & Grill, affectionately known as The Muni, has been the gathering place where you’re always welcome to come as you are. Owned and operated by the City of Wayzata, every dollar of profit from The Muni goes directly to help maintain the municipality’s streets, lights, sidewalks and parks. So you can see why we say that hoisting a beer could actually be considered an act of citizenship.

CaptureWe know this is a pretty unique approach to city management, but then, Wayzata is unique. Voted as the 2016 Reader’s Choice for Best Hamburger and Best Lunch, The Muni offers the hometown friendliness and ease that typifies life in our community.

Our Wayzata dental team are regulars at this hometown institution. Whether it’s to enjoy a great classic American style meal, let out their frustrated inner rocker on Karaoke Tuesdays with Jerry Beth, or to enjoy live entertainment from “local celebrities” on Thursday nights, time at The Muni is time well-spent.

Dessert? You Bet!

Make sure you check out their daily specials and when you’re trying to decide whether to have that piece of French Silk pie for dessert, remember your responsibilities as a citizen and place your order with pride. 🙂

The Muni is just one of the many great local hot spots we have highlighted on Our Community page. Make sure you drop by and check out some of the others. Then come back to this blog and tell us about some of your fav places to eat and play in Wayzata in the comments below.

Meantime, we’ll be brushing up on our version of “Sweet Caroline” for next Tuesdays Neil Diamond night. See you then!

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