Use CEREC to Benefit Your Family’s Dental Visits

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Wayzata Family Dentistry Residents of Wayzata, family dentistry is all about making you and your family’s dental visits efficient and convenient as possible. At Bjorklund Dental Designs, you can rest assure your family will be put as top priority. This includes getting your tooth restored with porcelain crowns. While your family goes through their hygiene appointments, you can get your damaged tooth restored with CEREC Same Day crowns.

Thanks to CEREC, you can get your crowns in just one visit helping achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. This revolutionary technology is a computerized system where it scans the damaged tooth and crafts the crown right in Dr. Bjorklund’s office. In 90 minutes, you will walk away with a brand-new and customized porcelain crown.

Would you ever think this dental technology has fun facts along with its amazing results? In fact, CEREC is so reliable that more than 30 million restorations have been completed by other dentists worldwide. In addition, one CEREC restoration is being performed every seven seconds … think 100,000 CEREC users every eight days!

With CEREC, you can save your tooth structure because these computerized crowns do not require an abundance of preparation. Dr. Bjorklund will use his advanced skills and CEREC to provide you a natural looking crown, and all in the convenience of benefiting your family’s dental needs. Call Dr. Bjorklund today for a personal consultation!

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