Toothbrush Debate Part 2:Manual Or Powered — Dentist For Minneapolis

Dentist MinneapolisAs your go-to dentist for Minneapolis, Dr. Bjorklund provides education and training to help patients achieve the best oral health possible. In part 1 of this series, Bjorklund Dental Designs discussed information about the manual toothbrush. Welcome to part 2, relaying some thoughts regarding the powered toothbrush.

Powered Toothbrushes—Electric toothbrushes, usually powered by batteries, have experienced a significant growth in popularity over the years. As with their manual counterparts, powered toothbrushes also prove highly effective in cleaning teeth. Some have favored using powered toothbrushes because:

  • Some boast appealing features, including pressure sensors that indicate when brushing too hard, or timers that relay when teeth have been brushed long enough.
  • Whether due to old age, arthritis or other factors, some individuals experience poor dexterity and limited ability to move their shoulders, arms and hands. The larger handle and powered brush of an electric model can make brushing teeth easier and are more comfortable to maneuver.
  • Youths may find using a powered toothbrush fun, and thus are encouraged to brush more diligently. Even adults may notice that an electric toothbrush provides a new outlook on cleaning teeth, refocusing their attention on maintaining good oral health.
  • As opposed to manual brushes with stationary bristles, some powered toothbrushes have rotating-oscillating bristles that will rotate together in one direction and then switch and rotate in the opposite direction, providing a thorough cleaning.

Make sure before using a powered toothbrush, that it too has met safety requirements and that the product is safe for both soft and hard oral tissues, as well as dental restorations.

Both manual and powered toothbrushes are effective tools in cleaning teeth and in warding off oral decay and infection. Whether you decide on manual or powered, make sure you choose a toothbrush that you like, find easy to handle, and use regularly. Dr. Bjorklund, your premier dentist for Minneapolis would be happy to provide you with the professional services you need, and a word of encouragement to keep on brushing!

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