Straight Teeth: Look Great and Be Healthy!

Lady smiling with pretty teeth

Lady smiling with pretty teethHere at Bjorklund Dental Designs, we take pride in being able to offer exceptional dental care in Wayzata. Your oral health always comes first, and being able to match that with a gorgeous smile is a great bonus! If you have crooked teeth, a referral for orthodontic treatment may be in order, so that we can ensure that your oral health and the appearance of your teeth are in the best shape possible.

Often, when people think of having a smile full of straight teeth, they think of the many ways their appearance and confidence will benefit. However, straightening your teeth isn’t just about the way you look. Having straight teeth is as important for your oral health as it is for your self esteem.

Straight teeth are easier to clean. Crooked teeth, or teeth that are too crowded, easily attract food particles. A toothbrush can’t easily reach these areas to effectively remove such particles, and this raises the chances of gum disease and decay. If not prevented, gum disease and tooth decay may result in tooth loss, and can have significant effects on your general health.

Do you have concerns about the health and appearance of your teeth? If so, we invite you to call Bjorklund Dental Designs, dental clinic in Wayzata. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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