Start the New Year Right With Your Oral Health

Dentistry WayzataThe year 2012 has come and gone, and the outcome of 2013 looks promising. Have you decided your New Year’s resolution? Maybe you decided to lose weight, change careers, or simply start a new hobby. No matter what path you decide to take, make sure getting and maintaining a healthy mouth remains as your top priority.

Why? Because, your oral health affects your overall health and self-esteem substantially. Studies have indicated there’s a correlation between your mouth and the body health, in which periodontal disease increases your chances of getting heart disease, diabetes, and much more.

How can you keep your gums healthy and protect your overall health? For your New Year’s resolution, maintain your oral health by incorporating these tips into your daily routine, recommended by Dr. Bjorklund, your partner in dentistry in Wayzata.

Brush and floss daily: We all heard this phrase over and over, but it’s crucially important to ingrain this habit into your brain. Brush your teeth twice a day in circular motions to remove plaque on teeth surfaces, and floss once a day to eliminate debris in between teeth.

Drink milk, cheese, and yogurt: All these dairy products have calcium, which promotes strong bones and teeth. It also fights off any harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Exercise and breathe: In cases of periodontal disease, high levels of the hormone cortisol were present in individuals. You can lower your cortisol levels by exercising regularly.

Chew sugar-less gum: Chewing on gum increases your salvia production washing away plaque and food debris. Also if you find xylitol listed as the first ingredient, you further enhanced your oral hygiene. Xylitol is a natural substance proven to prevent tooth decay and sometimes even reverse cavities.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away:” Eating an apple or other crunchy fruits/vegetables daily increases our saliva production, and the biting action helps remove plaque from the teeth.

Make getting a healthy mouth one of your top goals for the year 2013! Want to share your resolutions with us? Comment below, and tell us how you’re improving your overall well-being!

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