Sinusitis and Tooth Pain

I recently received this information from a local ENT physician, Dr. Barry Kimberley.  Since I see many patients with pain in their upper back teeth, which turns out to be sinus related, I thought I’d pass this information on.

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Sinusitis is one of the most common chronic healthcare problems in the U.S.  Afflicting 37 million Americans annually.  Sinusitis symptoms can significantly impact a person physically, functionally and emotionally and takes a toll on their quality of life.  As a dentist, you may see patients suffering from Chronic Sinusitis, specifically involving the maxillary sinuses.  Symptoms affecting your patients may include any of the following:

*facial pain/pressure

*Nasal Congestion

*Halitosis ( bad breath)


*Nasal discharge

*Tooth pain

We are proud to offer an innovative, cutting edge system for patients suffering from these symptoms called a balloon sinuplasty.  It is a minimally invasive endoscopic sinus surgical technique involving a catheter-based device to dilate the natural sinus ostia.  Balloon sinuplasty is FDA cleared to safely and gently dilate the maxillary, frontal and sphenoid paranasal sinuses, without tissue or bone removal.

Balloon sinuplasty technology offers the following benefits to your patients:

*Minimally invasive

*Safe and effective

*Reduced bleeding

*Fast recovery time- back to work next day

*Does not limit treatment options

If your patients are suffering from Chronic Sinusitis and have not found adequate relief from medical therapy, they may be canidates for the sinuplasty technology.

Dr. Kimberley is one of a small number of ENT’s in MN who are double boarded in ENT and Sleep Medicine.  Visit us online at


Barry Kimberley MD, Ph.D.

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