“Scaling” Connected to Teeth Cleaning in Minneapolis

A young patient in a dental chair

Teeth Cleaning MinneapolisDr. Bjorklund promotes regular and professional teeth cleaning to Minneapolis area residents with the intent of preventing gum disease and other oral health issues. Recognizable, however, is the blank look some patients get when told their teeth require “scaling”.

Scaling? Perhaps images of fish or a rock-climbing wall flits through some minds. So let’s explore the term “scaling” as it’s connected with the field of dentistry.

What do you remember about plaque? It’s a mixture of bacteria, minerals and some food leftovers. It irritates the gums (or gingiva) and causes inflammation over time: gingivitis. If teeth are regularly brushed and flossed, the plaque will come away from the teeth. On the other hand, after 24 hours have passed, some of the remaining plaque can harden into calculus (known as tartar).

So imagine your teeth: the bacteria sticks, the minerals make it hard, and the longer the plaque is left on the teeth, the harder it gets – to the point it can’t be removed by brush or floss. At that point, you can say hello to gingivitis and ready yourself to greet periodontal disease, for the longer you have gingivitis, the more devastating the consequences to your oral health.

Sounds frightening, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be though, as periodontal scaling procedures will remove plaque, calculus and stains from the crown and root surfaces of your teeth – something your toothbrush is incapable of doing. Make your appointment today and have that essential teeth cleaning done by our Minneapolis professional here at Bjorklund Dental Design. Keep your smile a happy one!


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