Re-Cover Your Dead Tooth

kicking soccer ball

An artful shot of a soccer player kicking the ballYou got hit in the mouth playing sports. Ouch! It’s not until later, though, that you notice your pearly white is changing… to grey!

Our family dentistry practice near Minneapolis can explain what has occurred. Like a pencil, your tooth has a thick outer layer. Inside is a more fragile center of nerves. Reaching from your gums into the tooth, these tiny blood vessels signal you if something is hot or cold.

With enough impact, these delicate vessels can become so damaged that the blood supply to your tooth is seriously reduced or cut off. Sadly, this marks the beginning of the death of your tooth and its subsequent discoloration.

Visiting our expert dental team at Bjorklund Dental Designs sooner rather than later can help you avoid the pain of an abscess and other issues related to this dental injury.

Perhaps for years now you’ve been facing your “grey tooth” in the mirror. Our family dentistry clinic near Minneapolis offers you a number of attractive options. Using professional whitening products, it may be possible to lighten the grey. Another option is a carefully matched porcelain veneer. We’ve re-covered many a “grey tooth” so consult us today!


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