Preview Your Dream Smile Before Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry MinneapolisWhile you watch your favorite movie, you cannot help but notice the beauty of all actresses’ smiles. Now, you start dreaming of your Hollywood smile, wishing you could obtain it. That’s where Dr. Bjorklund comes in. As your partner in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Bjorklund can craft your dream smile into reality with his advanced and modern techniques.

Before you jump into his fabulous cosmetic dentistry services, it is highly recommended you get a preview of your new smile creation. Dr. Bjorklund uses modern technology to accurately predict the final results after your cosmetic dentistry procedures. One of those technologies is mocking up your brand new smile using plastic material to place in your mouth. It is easily removable and allows you to determine whether you truly want the smile makeover.

Dr. Bjorklund will perfect your desired smile makeover by adding or trimming white dental wax. When you return for your next appointment, you can wear your mock-up model and see if it complements with your persona, and whether you can function your daily oral routines comfortably and efficiently.

This preview allows you to be prepared on what your new smile will look like. Love your smile preview? Then, Dr. Bjorklund will start crafting your smile masterpiece by offering cosmetic dentistry near Minneapolis area. Some of those services include: CEREC crowns, implants, veneers, full mouth rehabilitation, teeth whitening, non-metal fillings, and Snap-On smiles.

Catch a glimpse of your dream smile with Dr. Bjorklund by scheduling your personal consultation!

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