Important Information: 7 Worst Foods For Your Teeth

Dental Care MinneapolisConsuming acidic, sticky, and sugary foods and beverages on a regular basis can cause detrimental damage to your teeth. Why? Consumer Adviser of the American Dental Association Matt Messina was featured in the Huffington Post explaining sticky and sugary foods latch onto the teeth longer, “which gives a greater chance for bacteria to burn the sugars and do all the evil things that they do.” Additionally, acidic foods damage the tooth enamel.

7 Worst Foods For Teeth

The Huffington Post brought up seven foods full of acid and sugar that can put your smile in danger. Those foods are:

1. Dried fruits – While it’s great for your overall health, dried fruits are high in sugar and extremely sticky. If you are a dried fruit fanatic, you do not have to give up on this treat. Simply, brush your teeth afterwards.

2. Sugary drinks – Think of sodas and sports drinks. If you are sipping your soft beverage all day, you are bathing your teeth in your acid. Instead, drink it all at once or with a meal.

3. Hard candies – “These sweets pack a double whammy in that they not only stick to the teeth, but they also linger in the mouth for a long time,” says Joy Dubost, spokesperson for the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

4. Alcohol – Alcohol causes your natural saliva production to decrease, and your saliva helps wash away food particles and buffer against acid.

5. Citrus/acidic foods – Indulging in high acidic foods promotes tooth decay and dissolving tooth enamel. However, you can gorge on these foods as long you eat it with a meal or flush away the debris with water.

6. Starchy foods – According to the Yale Medical Group, starchy foods (white bread, potato chips) get caught in the teeth, encouraging plaque to fester and grow.

7. Coffee – Dark drinks including coffee and tea cause discoloration to your teeth, adding years to your age.

How you can save your teeth?

If you cannot avoid consuming these foodie items, no need to fear. The dental experts encourage you to brush and rinse your mouth after consumption to halt the sugars and acids from attacking your teeth. Brushing, flossing, and visiting us for a professional cleaning are key to achieving a healthy smile, free from the acids, plaque, and tooth decay. Taking the time to care for your teeth is well worth the effort, and we want to help!

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