Gum-Correcting Wayzata area Family Dentistry

Wayzata Family DentistryDo your adult teeth have the appearance of baby teeth? Is your gum line uneven? Dr. Bjorklund’s family dentistry practice in Wayzata offers a solution, even to those with a “gummy smile”.

Gum re-contouring used to be a painful process, but times have changed! Dr. Bjorklund has invested in the best for his patients and subjected herself to extensive training to be able to expertly use a diode laser. In his hands this laser transforms to an instrument of art while he sculpts ascetically pleasing gum lines with just the right fraction of gum tissue vs. tooth surface.

The process to expect: After applying a local anesthetic, the edges of your gums will be reshaped using the diode laser. The laser is very precise and uses heat to instantly vaporize unwanted tissue. Put any agonizing mental imagery aside, for the burning sensations you’d imagine won’t be felt.

As excess tissue is removed, the laser instantly seals the remaining gum tissue to prevent any bleeding and to reduce the likelihood of future infections. In times past, a scalpel was required for re-contouring procedures – so take advantage of the modern family dentistry our Wayzata clinic offers for your comfort and benefit!

Gum re-contouring will bring you a more balanced smile, with an even gum line you’ll be proud to display! Consult Dr. Bjorklund, our dentistry expert in Wayzata today and finally achieve your perfect smile!


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