Getting Healthy at the YMCA

About 13 months ago, I joined the Ridgedale Y and I wanted to pass on my experience.  I think I now have defined my goals.  I’m simply trying to develop a little more core strength and balance. so when I’m 78, I don’t tip over a break a hip.  I take one class that helps with flexibility, so I can enjoy my game of golf a bit more.  I also take a cardio class for the heart and lungs.  The only disappointment was at Christmas, when all my boys and their wives/girlfriends were around.  Only my daughter-in-law joined me for a day of “pumpin’ with papa.”

It seems there are not too many men taking advantage of the many classes offered. I have found  the structure of 2 classes/week and one day on my own on the elliptical machine and treadmill are a pretty good regimen for me.

The YMCA doesn’t offer a lot of frills, but the staff is great and all the machines work well.  There is a class for just about everything and for every age group.  The music is good too!

Cost is pretty reasonable and like most health clubs $20 is subsidized by your health insurance if you go 12 times per month.  I try to do the 12/month, not so much to save $20, but it is a good goal for me.  They are always offering specials on enrollment and often you can join for free.  I think the only month they didn’t have any takers, was when they were offering free T-Wolve tickets with a new membership.

Think about joining the Y or Lifetime, ect…  find a place that is right for you and your lifestyle.

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