Get Your Crowns Placed In One Visit

Older couple smiling with CEREC

CEREC Minneapolis Imagine being told you grind your teeth at night, and you needed to have several crowns placed. Normally, it would take multiple dental visits to reach the desired amount of crowns, and you might think the whole procedure is too costly and unnecessary. However, advancements in dentistry have given Dr. Stephen Bjorklund the ability to craft and place your crowns in one single visit with CEREC AC Bluecam technology.

Dr. Bjorklund provides CEREC for Minneapolis residents, and it allows crowns to be placed in a single visit, while offering the same aesthetic and functional benefits of a traditional crown. Plus, they restore the integrity to your bite. CEREC crowns are Dr. Bjorklund’s specialty, which makes it easy to get on with the rest of your life.

How does this revolutionary technology work?

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is a mobile unit right in our dental office. It contains a medical grade computer and a CEREC camera taking a digital image of the prepared tooth, then it makes a 3D model, and creates a permanent ceramic restoration on-site, while you wait. In fact, you could watch your brand new crown crafted in front of you.

With 3D imaging, CEREC provides accurate and precise customization to blend with your smile naturally. In 90 minutes, you’ll have a durable, versatile, aesthetic, precise, and comforting crown that will restore the beauty and function of your natural tooth.

Call us today!

Life can be fast-paced and you’ll need results fast to take good care of your teeth. Dr. Bjorklund has restored hundreds of crowns with CEREC, returning the strength and functions of many smiles. Don’t hesitate! Call us today to see if CEREC is the best treatment for you!

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