Eating Disorder Treatment — Life Changing Dental Care In Wayzata

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Dental Care Wayzata In providing world class dental care in Wayzata and surrounding areas, Dr. Bjorklund and his team at Bjorklund Dental Designs possess the expertise and the desire to care for the unique oral health needs of each of their patients. This includes individuals who require dental assistance due to the side effects of having an eating disorder, such as bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating.

Repeated induced vomiting brings the teeth and gums in steady contact with harsh stomach acid. Over time, this acid can destroy the enamel, which is the hard, protective coating on the teeth. This can result in:

1. Unwanted discoloration of teeth and an unsightly smile. This can further complicate self-esteem issues that people with eating disorders may already be battling with.

2. Thinning of the teeth and increased sensitivity when chewing or when putting teeth in contact with food and drinks varying in temperatures of hot and cold.

3. Tooth decay, tooth loss, and damage to the jawbone itself.

4. Suffering from dry mouth syndrome.

5. Gums that bleed easily and become infected, leading to periodontal disease

Without a doubt, eating disorders can affect virtually every aspect of an individual’s life, including emotionally, socially, and physically. If you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder, it is vital that you speak with a professional to receive assistance in overcoming it.

Next, in rectifying the oral health problems associated with an eating disorder such as mentioned above, it is important to know that not every dentist provides Wayzata eating disorder treatment. Dr. Bjorklund though, uses his extensive education and skills to focus on the positive change he can provide in such situations. Just as importantly, his treatment is compassionate and non-judgmental.

Please contact Dr. Bjorklund and his team at Bjorklund Dental Designs to learn more about how they can assist you and your individual oral health needs, including problems associated with eating disorders. Their high quality dental care in Wayzata boosts self-confidence, and can keep you on the road to health and happiness, with a gorgeous smile to share along the way.

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