Dentistry for Minneapolis—Protecting Oral Health While Sleeping

Protect your teeth with dentistry for MinneapolisIn sharing preventive dentistry reminders for Minneapolis area families, Dr. Bjorklund has helped countless numbers of patients to take their oral hygiene more seriously, and to have the dazzling smiles to prove it. From proper food choices to regular dental visits, an instrumental part of keeping smiles attractive and healthy is in developing good habits.

Take brushing teeth for an example. Regardless of how exhausted you may feel at the end of the day, routinely brushing and flossing teeth before going to bed goes a long way in preventing oral health issues. Why is this the case?

  • Saliva production, and its protective ability, is limited while sleeping. If teeth aren’t cleaned adequately before bedtime, they can be left to fend for themselves night after night.
  • Foods and beverages consumed throughout the day introduce sugars and acids to the mouth. If these food particles and film remain on teeth, they provide exactly what bacteria need to flourish and break down protective tooth enamel.
  • Plaque, rotting food particles and infection can result in a nasty form of morning breath. Cleaning the tongue and teeth before sleeping can greatly decrease the degree of bad breath after sleeping.

Experiencing good oral health is the result of putting a number of positive habits into practice. That includes scheduling regular dental exams with professional cleanings. By means of our caring, preventative dentistry for Minneapolis residents, we’ll be happy to keep your smile-ability at its peak potential. Start a good habit and contact us today.

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