Your Smile, Makes Us Smile

Dentist Wayzata cosmetic dentist

A dental cosmetic makeover is one of the most exciting and challenging things we get to do at Bjorklund Dental Design. Just as every person is different, every smile is different. Over the last 20 years as a dentist in Wayzata, I have had the opportunity to help my patients achieve the smile that they have always wanted, despite any dental issues they may have.

An Exciting Process

Establishing a healthy foundation for your teeth is very important. Removing cracked or worn down silver fillings and crowns, repairing bridges and implants, treating any periodontal issues and making sure you have a healthy and comfortably working bite are the first steps in any makeover.

Dentist Wayzata cosmetic dentist

Once a healthy foundation has been established, we can move ahead with the more exciting aesthetic avenues of cosmetic makeover. Using the latest and most advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques for veneers, implants and whitening, we can create a beautiful smile that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

“Dentistry isn’t one-size-fits-all. When we make a plan for you, it’s for you alone. Getting to know each other allows me to provide what you want, not what I think you need. You can expect to see me at every appointment, so you don’t have to worry about seeing a new face.’’   – Dr. Bjorklund

What is Your Smile Wish List?

Whether you’re in need of a new crown or extensive rehabilitation, Dr. Bjorklund has you covered. We have the experience and technology to achieve the smile just for you, regardless of your dental situation.

Dr. Bjorklund has done a wonderful job making me very proud of my smile again!”                                                                                       – Shirley, actual patient.

See Shirley’s video testimonial:

A cosmetic makeover is an exciting journey that can take our patients to places they didn’t know they could reach. We would love to share that journey with you.

Contact us today for a friendly consultation with Dr. Bjorklund and his Wayzata dentist team. We know that once you have spoken with our experienced team, visited our welcoming office and gotten a taste of true patient-focused care, you’ll understand why we say “Your smile, makes us smile”!

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