Eating Disorders, Part 2: Dental Repair and Recovery

An actual patient of your dentist in Wayzata shows her smile before and after treatment

What do eating disorders have to do with Dr. Bjorklund, a respected dentist in Wayzata? When patients go through bulimia, the stomach acid destroys the enamel over time, which will cause sensitivity, discomfort, and pain.

When treating a patient with an eating disorder, Dr. Bjorklund is warm and understanding. His highly trained skills in cosmetic dentistry can put the pizzazz back into patients’ smiles.

What are some oral symptoms of bulimia?

Some of the following symptoms could be a signal someone is going through an eating disorder, specifically bulimia. Those symptoms include:

  • Loss of tissue and erosive lesions on surface of teeth (due to the effects of acid)
  • Changes in the color, shape, and length of teeth
  • Increased sensitivity to temperature (extreme cases the pulp can be exposed and cause infection, discoloration and pulp death)
  • Enlargement of the salivary glands, dry mouth and cracked lips
  • Tooth decay
  • Unprovoked, spontaneous pain in a particular tooth

How can Dr. Bjorklund help?

Not every dentist provides eating disorder treatment. However, dentist in Wayzata Dr. Bjorklund does not ignore the signals. He is a compassionate dentist who will do what it takes to make his patients happy.

To remedy the sensitivity issues from enamel loss, Dr. Bjorklund simply bonds porcelain over the teeth, insulating and protecting the teeth to tolerate the sensitivity. Once professional treatment is received, Dr. Bjorklund devises a cosmetic procedure to preserve and enhance a damaged smile into a work of art, which can last for many years.

An actual patient of your dentist in Wayzata shows her smile before and after treatment

Actual patient of Dr. Bjorklund.

It’s never too late!

If you or a friend are victims to bulimia or other eating disorders, please contact a professional treatment such as Melrose Center to start the road to full recovery. Then, start your new life by contacting Dr. Bjorklund for a well-deserved smile makeover.

Our primary goal is to keep you healthy and happy. Feel free to confidentially chat with us for any concerns you may have.

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