Dentist For Maple Grove Offers CEREC® AC Powered by Bluecam

Dentist For Maple Grove Offers CEREC® AC Powered by BluecamCutting-edge innovations in dental instruments and technology are revolutionizing the way patients feel about going to the dentist. Maple Grove area families are thrilled with the commitment of Dr. Bjorklund and our team in ensuring that we provide nothing less than superior patient care. This equates to tremendous benefits for our patients, including less time in the dental chair, decreased pain/discomfort, and a higher satisfaction with completed procedures.

Here at Bjorklund Dental Designs, we’re proud to utilize the CEREC® AC Powered by Bluecam technology in our office and to pass on the incredible dental benefits to our patients. The Bluecam handheld acquisition camera employs a highly visible blue light LED (light emitting diode) to capture digital impressions. This superior technology provides a higher depth of field and accuracy, resulting in the most crisp, detailed digital impressions possible, and yielding 3D digital models with extreme precision.

This technology is skillfully applied for patients experiencing teeth that are cracked or chipped, discolored by age or medication, possess unsightly gaps, or damage to pre-existing crowns. Employing this high tech 3D digital imaging and computer technology, the damaged or broken tooth in scanned, and the anatomical shape of the tooth is recorded.

A durable, high quality, metal-free crown replacement can then be crafted right here in our office and placed exactly as required. That means the entire procedure can be completed in just one simple dental visit with Dr. Bjorklund, without the need for temporary crowns and returning for multiple visits.

Don’t be content with dentistry technology of yesteryear. With modern procedures and technology such as CEREC® AC Powered by Bluecam, your top-of-the-line dentist for Maple Ridge can ensure your dental experience is one that leaves you satisfied, and with a sparkling, healthy, ear-to-ear smile.

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