Dentist For Eden Prairie Creating Dental Crowns in an Hour

Before tooth reconstruction

By employing CEREC® AC Powered by Bluecam technology, your high-tech dentist for Eden Prairie can now accomplish with dental crowns what patients have always hoped for—speed, aesthetics, and durability. With most dentists, the crowning process takes at least 2 separate appointments.

This may comprise of taking messy tooth impressions, a couple weeks of wearing an inconvenient temporary crown, and then booking another visit to have the temporary crown removed, and attach the finished restoration.

Here at Bjorklund Dental Designs, the cutting-edge technology of CEREC® AC Powered by Bluecam permits us to provide the gold standard in patient care. The Bluecam handheld acquisition camera utilizes a highly visible blue light LED to capture digital impressions of the specific tooth. This high tech 3D digital imaging and computer technology delivers the capability for Dr. Bjorklund to create the crown right there in his office. Then he can attach the permanent, exquisitely crafted restoration on that exact same visit.

Take for example the recent experience of an 80 year old patient of Dr. Bjorklund. Her 12 year old crown had fractured, leaving her in a tough spot. She called Dr. Bjorklund asking for his professional assistance. Arriving at 9:45 with her broken crown and smile in disarray, her new CEREC crown was crafted and placed, allowing her to leave the office with a big grin and peace of mind just 65 minutes later at 10:50. No 2nd appointment, no temporary crown, and no wasted time waiting.

Contact us today, and see for yourself how your top quality dentist for Eden Prairie can employ the technology of CEREC® AC Powered by Bluecam to give you a beautiful ceramic crown in only one, worry-free visit.

An actual patient smile before treatment with CEREC Same-Day Crowns The work of your dentist in the Eden Prairie area

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