CEREC Same-day Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns

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If you are in need of a large dental restoration in Wayzata, Dr. Bjorklund may recommend you have a crown placed. Many dentists, such as Dr. Bjorklund, offer both traditional porcelain crowns, as well as CEREC same-day crowns.  What are the differences between the two? Which is right for you? Read on to learn more!

How do CEREC crowns compare to traditional crowns?

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Time Commitment:

CEREC: CEREC crowns can be created and placed the same day your first appointment is scheduled. You can even watch your restoration being made in the CEREC machine at our office while you wait.

Traditional: Porcelain crowns typically require two appointments. During the first appointment, your doctor will examine your teeth as well as take impressions of your teeth to ensure your restoration fits flawlessly into your smile.  While you are waiting for your restoration, the doctor places a temporary cover on your tooth. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for your new restoration to arrive.  You then return for a second appointment to have the crown placed.


CEREC: Your dentist uses a special camera to get a precise 3D photo of the tooth needing a restoration. This image is loaded directly to the machine that will be fabricating your restoration.  We use tooth colored porcelain to ensure the restoration blends seamlessly into your smile.

TRADITIONAL:  To make sure your crown looks natural, an impression of your tooth is taken with a putty-like material. Your dentist spends extra time choosing a color of porcelain to match your natural teeth. The dental lab works to create a restoration that is the perfect shape, size, and color for your smile.


Every smile, and every restoration is unique. CEREC crowns and traditional porcelain crows do not vary dramatically in price. Be sure to talk with Dr. Bjorklund during your appointment to find out the specifics of the treatment in regards to your individual smile.

So, what’s the bottom line?

Both CEREC same-day crowns and traditional crowns have their positive attributes. CEREC crowns are excellent for immediate results. Traditional crowns give the doctors more precise control over the aesthetics of your restoration.  Be sure to schedule a consultation and find out which is right for your unique needs and goals.

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