Dental Care Keys to a Minneapolis Smile

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Dental Care Keys to a Minneapolis SmileBrisk brushing and fast flossing aren’t enough to ditch diseases affecting oral and overall health. There are simple dental care habits Minneapolis patients would do well to adopt.

Did you know that proper dental hygiene and follow-up treatment is estimated by some studies to increase your life expectancy by 10 years or more?

Researchers have discovered an important connection between periodontal (or gum) disease and resulting heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pre-term low birth weight babies, cancers, Alzheimer’s, respiratory disease, kidney disease and others. In other words, the state of your oral health seriously impacts your overall health.

What can your toothbrush and floss do for you? Plaque is a mixture of bacteria, minerals and food leftovers that will stick to your teeth like glue. If brushed and flossed within 24 hours, it can come away from the teeth. However, if your brushing and flossing habits are haphazard, plaque particles will remain and harden into calculus (known as tartar). Does this really matter?

Yes, because the next time you brush and floss, this hardened tartar will not budge from your tooth’s surface. It’s resistant to the actions of your brush and will continue its build-up over time. This becomes not only unsightly, but bacterial accumulations are dangerous to your dental and total health!

Bjorklund Dental Designs offers professional cleanings capable of removing plaque, calculus and stains, while demonstrating proper hygiene dental care habits to Minneapolis patients. Boost the health of your smile and make an appointment today!

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