For Dating Singles, Nothing is More Important than Teeth

Repair your smile with Dr. Bjorklund DDS in Wayzata
Repair your smile with Dr. Bjorklund DDS in Wayzata

Are your teeth holding you back?  A national survey recently found that healthy teeth were the most important attribute for any potential partner. Men and women both consider good teeth before anything else. So go ahead, go to the gym, buy nice clothes, brush your hair, just don’t skip the dentist.

Good teeth are an indicator of good health

Your teeth say a lot about you! A strong healthy smile lets the world know that you take care of yourself. It says you have positive habits and good manners. It’s also an indicator of good general health. Dr. Bjorklund can detect a variety of diseases just by looking in your mouth.

Don’t let the right person pass you by.

Dr. Bjorklund DDS is an accomplished cosmetic dentist in Wayzata. His passion for quality care is complimented by his talented artist’s eye. Your result will be beautiful and functional.
Improve your smile with:

Call to set up an appointment today, and enjoy the boost of confidence that only a strong smile can bring.

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