Crowns Save Minneapolis Teeth Thought to be ‘Goners’

A man smiles to show his bright smile

Crowns Save Minneapolis Teeth Thought to be 'Goners'Street drugs adversely affect much families, relationships, and much more. Crowns offer Minneapolis patients a second chance at a beautiful smile. Dr. Bjorklund is here to help that become a reality. What are we referring to?

Speed, Ice, Chalk, Fire, Crank, Glass, Crystal and Meth — these are all street names for an illicit drug that continues to affect the overall and oral health of millions. It targets the central nervous system and can stimulate a shortness of breath, hypothermia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and brain damage – but what does it do to teeth?

Users often crave high-calorie, sugary drinks or may grind and clench their teeth, practices all harmful to dental longevity. Rampant tooth decay occurs, likely triggered by a combination of both mental and physical changes that occur during the use of this drug. “Dry mouth” is a common side effect that causes production of saliva to fail and promotes an unhealthy build-up of harmful bacteria. This leads to blackened, stained, rotting or crumbling teeth.

Teeth that are not regularly and professionally maintained stand zero chance of surviving this terrible addiction unscathed, and more often than not, they require extraction. Dr. Bjorklund however has had great success in restoring damaged smiles with CEREC crowns. In fact, if you’d like to see real life before-and-after photos of a case in which he was able to dramatically improve a patient’s smile in a single visit, click here.

Using our advanced in-house CEREC technology, all patients requiring veneers or crowns in the Minneapolis area can experience an efficiency of treatment previously unheard of. Contact our dental office today to arrange your consult!

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