Crazy Toothpaste Flavors & Your Oral Health

Dental Care Minneapolis Spearmint and peppermint are the stand-by toothpaste flavors available to us. Yet for those not satisfied by the cool, refreshing taste of your regular minty toothpaste, a variety of flavors have been made available over the years.

Bizarre Flavors

Some of these unusual flavors have included chocolate, cupcake, bacon, whiskey, pickle, curry, licorice, coffee, and Oreo cookie. While many of these toothpastes can’t be much more than a humorous gag-gift, others have been introduced by reputable companies for variety.

For example, children’s toothpaste is available in flavors such as bubblegum, grape, and watermelon in an effort to make brushing teeth more enjoyable.

Read the ingredients list before deciding to adopt a brand, or flavor of toothpaste into your battle against plaque and tooth decay. Toothpastes with the seal of approval from the ADA (American Dental Association) are a good choice, as they’ve successfully met criteria for safety and effectiveness.

Whatever the flavor of toothpaste, make it a habit to brush your teeth twice a day for quality dental care near Minneapolis. What about you? What’s the most unusual flavored toothpaste that you’ve ever tried?

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