Complete Care for Your Oral Health

A woman leaning against a wall and smiling


A woman leaning against a wall and smiling



In our previous blog post, we discussed how the entire team at Bjorklund Dental Designs is dedicated to creating beautiful smiles through cosmetic dentistry. Today, however, we focus on another passion of our team: Maintaining those beautiful smiles to last a lifetime!

For full service dentistry in Minneapolis and Wayzata, Dr. Stephen Bjorklund and staff are here for you. We feel that the foundation of every beautiful smile is optimum dental health, and strive to help our patients achieve it. Through excellence in our dental hygiene department, with an emphasis on patient education that empowers, we give our patients the tools they need for success.


We encourage our patients to make their own oral health a priority. By utilizing great home-care routines, and remembering regular cleaning and screening appointments, we want you to keep your smile beautiful for life! For state-of-the-art dentistry in Minneapolis and Wayzata, contact Bjorklund Dental Designs today.

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