Compassionate Eating Disorder Treatment for Plymouth MN

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Eating Disorder Treatment Plymouth MN Why does Dr. Bjorklund advertise eating disorder treatment for Plymouth MN? Does it not break your heart to hear conservative estimates indicate some 1.5 million females, and 1 million males in the U.S. suffer with anorexia or bulimia?

Often such behavior is compensating for strong feelings and emotions that seem overwhelming. Dr. Bjorklund urges those faced with such a situation to seek the help of mental health professionals that are qualified to treat eating disorders. Yet from a dental standpoint, he has something positive to offer as well!

Bulimics who repeatedly induce vomiting expose the enamel and dentin of their teeth to harsh acids. Acid dissolves this naturally hard, protective coating, leaving teeth unpleasantly vulnerable and sensitive to decay and temperature changes. Once the enamel is damaged, it does not grow back.

To sooth the affronted nerves just below the surface, Dr. Bjorklund can bond a cosmetic dental plastic or porcelain over the teeth. It insulates and protects them while decreasing sensitivity. Imagine the relief!

As rear teeth become affected, changes in the bite can occur due to loss of tooth structure. Fillings and crowns are often required to save such teeth.

Eating disorders serve up a host of other serious dental complications. Fortunately, Dr. Bjorklund compassionately offers eating disorder treatment for Plymouth MN sufferers! Arrange for your healthier and happier smile today!

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