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Have you heard people talking about CEREC dentistry and wonder what all the excitement is about? Highly respected Dr. Bjorklund provides this amazing dental option for Wayzata residents, explains what this procedure involves and why it has become a popular choice with many patients.

CEREC is a high tech system that Dr. Bjorklund and his team at Bjorklund Dental Designs use to take a 3D digital model of one or more of your teeth that are in question. This can include teeth that are cracked or chipped, discolored by age or medication, need old fillings replaced or that have noticeable gaps/spaces between them.

Once the 3D model of the tooth has been made on the computer, CEREC technology allows a porcelain ceramic restoration of your tooth to be created. It is custom-made to fit your tooth perfectly and to replace any of your natural tooth that may be missing or damaged.

You don’t have to worry about messy gels that are used to make impressions of your teeth, and the procedure is virtually pain free. Even better, this incredible procedure can be completed from start to finish in only one visit to Dr. Bjorklund — often in 90 minutes or less.

If you need to restore a tooth or several teeth, and are looking for a procedure that is quick and economical yet still effective, CEREC is an option you will want to discuss with Dr. Bjorklund and his team at Bjorklund Dental Designs. With years of experience, along with modern technological options such as CEREC, dental care for Wayzata residents has never been in better hands.

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