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How Often Should I Replace My Toothbrush?

A toothbrush with toothpaste next to a tube of toothpaste

Brushing your teeth regularly is vital to maintaining a healthy smile. But, that problem-free smile won’t last long if you don’t take proper care of your toothbrush by switching to a new one often enough. How often should you replace your toothbrush? What’s Your Track Record? Which of the following best describes your toothbrush maintenance […]

Tips to Maintain Good Oral Health on Vacation

A father and son smiling on the beach.

“We’re going on vacation!” These words often elicit thoughts of relaxation, good times, and getting away from the daily stresses of life. Whether you’re escaping the snowy cold of winter to visit a sun-drenched climate or making the most of the months when the kids are on summer holidays, a vacation offers the opportunity for […]

Dental Implants: Counting the Cost of a Healthy Smile

An older woman smiles to show how dental implants can restore your smile

Dental Implants: Counting the Cost of a Healthy Smile When it comes to addressing tooth loss, dental implants have grown in popularity over the years. Perhaps, though, there’s one factor that’s holding you back from choosing this highly-effective dental procedure—the cost in comparison to other traditional solutions. The Dental Implant Dilemma A dental implant involves […]

Staying in Your Best Oral Health at 40-60+ Years Old

An older woman standing in a park smiiling

For anyone out there who is over 40 years old, you know your teeth may not be as perfect as they used to be. Normal wear over the years is expected, but it’s not too late to improve your oral health and keep your teeth in great shape for years to come. Part of this […]

Help Your Kids Enjoy Summer Vacation With Healthy Smiles

Summer vacation is the most fun time of year for most kids. Maybe it’s all about playing video games, staying up late, and snacking on junk food—things most kids love to do. Not to be neglected, however, are some faithful friends you desperately need long after the sun-soaked days of summer are over. Who are […]