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Over the River and Through the Woods… 7 Dental Health Tips For Travel

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It can be easy to neglect your oral hygiene habits when traveling; after all, you’re away from home and out of your normal routine. With a little advance planning, you can avoid taking a vacation from your dental health during your holiday travels! 7 Dental Tips for Travel 1. Schedule your cleaning and checkup with […]

For Dating Singles, Nothing is More Important than Teeth

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Are your teeth holding you back?  A national survey recently found that healthy teeth were the most important attribute for any potential partner. Men and women both consider good teeth before anything else. So go ahead, go to the gym, buy nice clothes, brush your hair, just don’t skip the dentist. Good teeth are an […]

Dental Insurance: Use it or Lose it!

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Don’t toss away good money by neglecting to use services you’ve already paid for. Your dental insurance plan works best for you when you put it to work on a regular basis. We’ll show you how. Smart Questions to Ask You literally could save hundreds of dollars by using your dental benefits before the end […]

Staying in Your Best Oral Health at 40-60+ Years Old

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For anyone out there who is over 40 years old, you know your teeth may not be as perfect as they used to be. Normal wear over the years is expected, but it’s not too late to improve your oral health and keep your teeth in great shape for years to come. Part of this […]