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There Is Life After An Eating Disorder!

Dentists in Wayzata eating disorders

It is estimated that 20 million women and 10 million men are currently affected by serious eating disorders. Beyond the physical pain and detrimental effects on a person’s health that these can have, the damage done to one’s self-image and confidence is significant and life impacting. At Bjorklund Dental Designs we are happy to be able to […]

Eating Disorders, Part 2: Dental Repair and Recovery

An actual patient of your dentist in Wayzata shows her smile before and after treatment

What do eating disorders have to do with Dr. Bjorklund, a respected dentist in Wayzata? When patients go through bulimia, the stomach acid destroys the enamel over time, which will cause sensitivity, discomfort, and pain. When treating a patient with an eating disorder, Dr. Bjorklund is warm and understanding. His highly trained skills in cosmetic […]

Eating Disorders, Part 1: Know the Signs and Resources

Preview of our video titled Eating Disorders, Part 1: Know the Signs and Resources

It may seem odd for a dentist to talk about an eating disorder. But for dentist in Wayzata, Dr. Bjorklund, looking away is not an option. He realizes that eating disorder treatment is extremely important to live a full life, which is why he has partnered up with Park Nicollet Melrose Center to help raise […]