Brittle, Discolored Teeth—Are They Fixable?

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Brittle, Discolored Teeth—Are They Fixable?More than 10 million Americans are currently affected by eating disorders. Bjorklund Dental Designs knows that it’s more than one’s self-image that suffers; it’s your oral health too. We offer an eating disorder treatment for Minneapolis and surrounding area patients that addresses the consequences this disorder has on your mouth.

Eating disorders rob the body of adequate minerals, vitamins, proteins and nutrients required for good health. Without this proper nutrition, the gums and other soft tissue inside the mouth degenerate, while glands may no longer secrete cleansing saliva.

Since stomach acid is strong, repeatedly having it flow over teeth when vomiting can damage the teeth’s protective outer covering (enamel). This can cause teeth to change color, shape and length, while edges become thin and easily break off. They also often become sensitive to hot or cold temperatures resulting in pain.

Available as part of an eating disorder treatment in the Minneapolis area, Dr. Bjorklund provides remedies to address such issues as temperature sensitive teeth. For example, bonding cosmetic dental plastic or porcelain to existing teeth offers insulating comfort for many.

Cosmetic dentistry can help improve your self-image and oral health. Make your appointment today.


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