Best Dentist in Minneapolis Area — Using Intraoral Cameras

Best Dentist Minneapolis At Bjorklund Dental Designs, our primary concern is caring for your oral health and giving you a smile that you’re proud of. As your best dentist in the Minneapolis area, Dr. Bjorklund uses his years of expertise along with amazing technology to ensure you are kept informed and at ease throughout any procedure that is required. One way of doing this is by using intraoral cameras.

Intraoral cameras (within the mouth) are cameras that provide an easy, sterile way to get high quality close-up pictures of the teeth and surrounding tissues. This benefits both the doctor and you as the patient. By means of these high-tech cameras, you are able to look at the monitor to see what Dr. Bjorklund is looking at in your mouth, including areas of concern.

Instead of being unsure about a potential dental issue, these cameras provide images that can be magnified to nearly 35 times the usual size. This permits Dr. Bjorklund to examine the problem area and provide a more thorough diagnosis than by just looking at the tooth with the naked eye. This faster and more efficient diagnosis can mean not having to make an extra appointment due to waiting for results, as well as less time spent in the dentist chair itself.

If you have dental insurance, the use of intraoral cameras once again provides you with beneficial results. With clear, concise images produced, problems in receiving coverage approval from your insurance company are greatly minimized. This means necessary work can be done sooner, and any re-reimbursements received faster.

Of course, intraoral cameras are just one of the amazing forms of new technology that are regularly used at Bjorklund Dental Designs. It’s these professional services, along with years of care, expertise and artistic craftsmanship that make Dr. Bjorklund a favorite choice for many patients. Please make an appointment today, and find out for yourself why many view Dr. Bjorklund as the best dentist in the Minneapolis area.

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